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Apple Mac mini (Early 2009) SATA II SSD Support

Which SSD to buy for Apple mini Mac
Here we see with the Mac mini Early 2009 model introduced at MacWorld Expo - The Intel Core 2 Duo mini finally gets an upgrade to it's Serial ATA interface to 3Gbps SATA II. With data transfer rates above SATA I's 1.5Gbps (150Mbps) limits, you should definitely be looking at the top performing Indilinx and Samsung controller-based SSD's now available who's peak read and writes speeds are more towards the 200Mbps and up range - which older Mac mini's just couldn't take advantage of. As an alternate choice, more towards the value end, OCZ's 2nd generation JMicron RAID 0 cofiguration Apex SSD series comes in at a lower-price - but with still very respectable performance numbers.