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SSD Build-To-Order Options At The Apple Store

Although limited to three models: The MacBook Air, the Unibody MacBook and MacBook Pro line - the Apple Store Online now offers 128GB and 256GB SATA SSD drives as a build-to-order option. Prices are rather steep to say the least.

And these prices are inconsistent: Depending on exactly which Mac and which model - Build-To-Order at the Apple Store charges as little as $300 to choose a 128GB SSD to as much as $825 to add a 256GB flash drive. On higher-end Macs, Apple has more leeway in margins to alter prices on a per-Mac basis. On lower-end models, the cost of the SSD is higher. On higher end models the same size SSD option is priced lower. Go figure.

For some, the peace of mind, and value right out of the box may make that included SSD option worth it. It's easy to say Apple's solid-state storage upgrade prices are anywhere from high to outright outrageous. But when time is money - and given how dramatically faster SSD drives can make your Mac - a flash drive option may pay for itself... in no time flat