Apple Compatible SSD Reviews and News

USB 2.0 Interface SSD Drives Making A Comeback

Corsairs New JMicron Based SSD with USB
Thanks to significant performance improvements in JMicron's latest JMF612 solid state drive controller - we're seeing the return of SSD's with the inclusion of a mini-USB port return to many SSD drives in 2010. The convenience of instantly being able to connect via USB to copy, clone, or transfer data adds value to a solid-state disk purchase, and the revised JMicron controller's increased cache size makes write stuttering and slowdowns a thing of the past.

Examples of the drive well suited to Apple laptop SSD upgrades is the value priced Corsair 60 GB Reactor Series 2.5 Inch Solid State Drive. This new controller delivers great Read/Write performance for less than comparable Indilinx controller based drives of the same capacity - with the benefit of built-in USB.

Best SSD Performance Around $100

Low-cost 40GB SATA II SSD drive from Intel
In a somewhat suprising move after the success of it's 80GB and 160GB XM-25 solid-state drives - Intel released a smaller capacity version to fill a gap at the low end. The Intel 40 GB X25V Value SATA II Solid State Drive may be a fine MacBook or Mac mini upgrade for those with modest needs. Unlike competitors with SSDs in the 30-32GB or 60-64GB range, Intel's SSD architecture started with an 80 Gigabyte drive, then 160, now down to 40 GB to shore up the low end. This is also a G2 - Second Generation drive with improved firmware - all in all an affordable choice for those who aren't data pigs with videos and tons of music clogging up thier hard drives. With it's SATA II interface, it's compatible with all Serial-ATA based Mac computers - whether with older SATA I - or more recent SATA II controller chips.

SATA III SSD To Deliver Insane Performance

SATA III Interface Solid-State Hard Disk Drive
As Apple and other computer manufacturers introduce the next performance level of the 6Gbps SATA III serial ATA interface standard -- Lexar / Crucial will be there with it's RealSSD C300 drive: The upcoming drives will come in 128GB and 256GB capacities, have a 2.5-inch form factor, a SATA III 6.0 Gbps interface, utilize 34nm MLC NAND Flash memory chips, and deliver read and write speeds of up to 355 MB/s and 215 MB/s, respectively - a nice jump in read speeds from current SATA II SSD's hovering in the 225/200 range.