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Are you still deciding which brand or model of SSD drive is optimal for your Macintosh computer? For Apple computer individuals mulling over a solid-state hard drive replacement for MacBook laptop or Macintosh desktop computer, the choices might seem overwhelmingly complicated. Excessively geeky and nerdy computer types could spend weeks pouring over technical specs and benchmark outcomes to ferret out the best and speediest solid-state drives. However, you don't realistically need to do that on your own. The fact is that someone has previously done extensive bench-testing already. There's actually only a few of brands accelerating state-of-the-art SSD drive technological advances and one really could hardly go wrong by opting for one of the latest SSD offerings from any of the major brands. Having said that, this is our principal favorite for an Apple Mac compatible SSD coming from Corsair's drive lineup:

Corsair Neutron SSD

Capacity to 480GB

Corsair Microsystems has long been a technological innovator and memory supplier, now delivering high-performing solid-state drives. Taking advantage of increasingly denser NAND flash chip modules, leading edge drive control and interface chips accompanied by sophisticated firmware, Corsair's solid-state drives lead the pack. Presently their Neutron family of SSD's drives deliver solid benchmark results. This impressive level of performance doesn't need to cost a lot, extreme price cuts and growing capacities of SSDs nearing 1TB have brought about the lowest costs per GB to date. For Macintosh owners searching for a 2.5" 6GBps SATA III module in the Corsair SSD drive lineup is a first-class option for replacing the hard drive in your Apple Mac Mini or MacBook portable. Utilizing a full-size drive bracket or converter, they're appropriate for iMac or Macintosh Pro 3.5 inch full-size drive openings as well. They are also a top-notch option for DIY SSD drive choice for use in ThunderBolt or SuperSpeed USB 3.0 case or drive docking station of your choice.