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Pondering which model or brand of SSD is optimal for your Apple Mac setup? For Mac consumers considering a solid-state hard drive upgrade for MacBook notebook or Macintosh computer system computer, the number of choices can seem complicated. Seriously geeky and nerdy technology folk could very well spend weeks deciphering electronic specifications and benchmark test results of dozens of the available solid-state drives. But you don't have to engage in that, due to the fact that tech labs have previously done it for you. There's actually only a few brands propelling leading edge SSD drive technological advances. One really can't go wrong by choosing any of the most current SSD drives coming from any of the top-tier vendors. The real-world millisecond differences aren't noticeable by the average consumer. Having said that, our principal preference for an Apple Mac compatible SSD from Crucial is the M500:

Crucial M550 SSD

New In 2014

Crucial is noted for being the first vendor to really put price pressure on the solid-state drive market. Utilizing increasingly denser NAND flash chip modules, a SandForce drive controller, Crucial solid-state drives perform on a par with most of the industry. Presently their M550 class of SSD drives consistently perform in the upper quarter of benchmark result graphs. Note that the larger 480GB M550 model has faster Writes than smaller sizes. But overall, this reasonable degree of performance doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg, radical price cuts and increasing storage capacities of SSDs nearing 1TB have resulted in the lowest prices per Gigabyte ever seen. For Macintosh users shopping for a two and a half-inch 6GBps SATA III SSD component Crucial 550 model is a great choice for replacing the hard drive in your Apple Mac Mini or MacBook portable. With a full-size drive bracket or adapter, they're appropriate for iMac or Macintosh Pro 3.5 inch full-size drive bays too. They're also an outstanding choice for DIY SSD drive choice for ThunderBolt or SuperSpeed USB 3.0 enclosure or drive dock of your choosing.