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Wondering which brand or model of SSD drive is optimal for your Apple Mac computer system? For Mac computer individuals mulling over a solid-state hard drive enhancement for MacBook notebook or Macintosh computer system computer, the choices are overwhelmingly straightforward. Really geeky and nerdy computer individuals might spend hours or days deciphering technological specs and benchmark conclusions of the outstanding and fastest solid-state drives. However, you don't actually need to do that yourself, since tech labs have already done it for you. There are really only a small number of firms accelerating state-of-the-art SSD drive technological advances and you really could hardly go very wrong by opting for any of the newest SSD drives sold by any of the major companies. That being said, here's our primary choice for a Mac compatible SSD from Kingston's drive lineup:

Kingston HyperX SSD

9mm Capacity To 480GB

An established player in the industry it seems Kingston Digital's strengths are in brand recognition and distribution channels. It's our impression they rebrand other OEM's solid-state drives. Kingston solid-state drives are often available in bundles with data transfer cables, software and mounting brackets for easy system upgrades. Presently their HyperX and SSDNow class of SSD drives consistently perform well in benchmark result graphs. This impressive level of performance does not have to cost a lot, extreme price cuts and raising capacities of SSDs nearing 1 Terabyte have brought about the lowest cost per Gigabyte we've ever seen. For Mac owners searching for a two and a half-inch SATA III SSD module Kingston drive line is a fantastic option for upgrading the hard disk in your Apple Mac Mini or MacBook notebook. With a full-size drive bracket or converter, they're suitable for Mac Pro or iMac full size 3.5 inch drive slots too. They're also a value-concious choice for DIY SSD drive choice for USB 3.0 or ThunderBolt drive dock or enclosure of your choice.