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Pondering which model or brand of SSD is right for your Macintosh computer system? For Mac owners pondering a solid-state hard drive enhancement for their MacBook notebook or Macintosh desktop computer, the choices are overwhelmingly simple. Geeky and nerdy computer types may spend days and hours pouring over technological specifications and benchmarks of the best and swiftest solid-state flash memory drive. But you really don't necessarily need to perform that, since tech labs have already done it for you. There are essentially only a few of brands advancing leading edge SSD drive technology and you honestly can not err by simply deciding on one of the latest SSD drives coming from any of the major brands. That being said, here's our top favorite for an Apple Mac compatible SSD from OCZ's drive lineup:

OCZ Vector SSD

7mm Capacities To 480GB

OCZ has long been the most notable brand and technology leader in high-performance SSD drives. Utilizing increasingly denser NAND flash memory chips, leading edge controller and data interface chips along with highly developed custom firmware, OCZ's solid-state drives have traditionally lead the industry and place high in benchmarks. At this time, the Vertex family of SSD's drives continually perform at the top of benchmark result charts. This impressive level of performance doesn't have to cost a lot, radical price drops and increasing capacities of SSDs up to 1 Terabyte have brought on ever lower costs per GB. For Mac consumers in the market for a 2.5" SATA III upgrade, the OCZ SSD drive line is an excellent choice for modernizing the disk drive in your Apple Mac Mini or MacBook portable. Using a full-size drive bracket or adapter, they're also suitable for iMac or Macintosh Pro 3.5 inch full-size drive openings. OCZ drives are also an excellent choice for a Do-It-Yourself SSD external drive for use in the ThunderBolt or SuperSpeed USB 3.0 enclosure or drive docking station of your choice.