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Are you still deciding which brand or model of 2.5" SSD drive is best for your Macintosh system upgrade? For Mac personal computer consumers evaluating a solid-state hard drive swap or replacement in a MacBook laptop or Macintosh desktop computer, the options aren't always overwhelmingly straightforward. Thoroughly nerdy and geeky computer individuals could very well spend hours or days pouring over technical specs and benchmark conclusions to choose the most ideal and speediest solid-state disks. But you don't have to engage in in this on your own, since someone has previously done the heavy bench testing. There's actually only a handful of companies delivering cutting edge SSD drive technological advances. You can't go wrong by opting for any of the latest SATA III SSD offerings sold by any of the major manufacturers. Nevertheless, here's our primary choice for an Apple Mac compatible SSD from Samsung's consumer drive family:

Samsung EVO SSD

7mm Capacity To 1 TB

Samsung has recently given OCZ Technologies in the consumer market a serious run for the money. Once only an OEM supplier, they've now become the SSD technology price/performance leader. Their high-end solid-state drives are using their own advanced NAND flash memory chip modules they manufacture themselves. They also incorporate cutting edge controller chipsets along with their own custom developed firmware, Samsung's solid-state offerings are now top-sellers in the industry. At this time the EVO family of SSD drives consistently perform near the very top of benchmark result charts. This insane level of performance is cheaper than ever! Industry-wide price pressure and rising capacities of SSDs are bringing 512GB and 1TB options at the lowest cost per Gigabyte we've ever witnessed. For Apple computer users searching for a 2.5" SATA III device, the Samsung SSD drive line is a first-class choice for upgrading the hard disk in your Apple Mac Mini or MacBook Pro. With an optional full-size drive adapter bracket or converter, they're suitable for use in Mac Pro or iMac full size 3.5 inch drive openings too. They're also a terrific option for DIY SSD drive choice for use in USB 3.0 or ThunderBolt enclosure or drive dock of your choice.