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Think Forward : SATA III Interface SSD Drives

With Apple now using SATA III 6GBps drive interfaces in its current Mac lineup, there's good reason to consider a forward-thinking SATA III SSD drive purchase - even if you have an older Mac desktop or MacBook.

Flash memory speeds used in Solid-State drives are improving. They recently began to push beyond the bandwidth capabilities of the SATA II interface, and further speed gains are available to those with SATA III enabled computers. You can safeguard your SSD purchase by looking to the Micron/Crucial 'C' or 'M' Series, intel 3xx-5xx, or OCZ '3 & 4' line of drives that sport a SATA III interface and are fully backwards compatible with SATA I & II in the meantime.

Lexar Media - Crucial 128 GB M4 SATA III SSD

Intel 510 Series 120 GB SATA III SSD

OCZ 120 GB Vertex 4 SATA III SSD

The emergence of 5Gbps USB 3.0 and Intel and Apple's 10Gbps ThunderBolt ports provide interesting opportunities for ultra high-speed backup and data transfers using external Solid-State drives. Given the longevity of solid-state drives and the long lifespan free from the mechanical failures of conventional hard drives, your SSD might serve you on your current system - and in a USB 3 drive enclosure or ThunderBolt drive case further down the road.