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Slim Pickings: Where's Hardcore SSD Benchmarks For Mac OSX?

It seems only the Windows - and occasionally Linux folk have the equipment, time, patience and funding to really deep-bench the assault of SSD's hitting the marketplace. (Having good PR and industry connections sending you freebie SSD's to test doesn't hurt either...) Over on the Mac side, MacWorld is likely the only Mac-specific resource to have the lab to benchmark things on that level - but I've yet to see them tackle SSD benchmarking on Mac OSX like they should. In the meantime, Rob over at Bare Feats puts tons of Mac hard drive options thru their paces in more detail than any one else on the Apple side of things.

Over on ZDnet, Jason D. O'Grady gives his take on benchmarks of OSX 10.5.6 on a Runcore brand SSD in a high-end 2.4Ghz MacBook Pro over the MacBook's stock 5400 RPM Western Digital Blue series drive:

"As you can see from the results table the Runcore Pro IV almost doubled the HDD’s performance in sequential reads and writes... But that’s only the beginning. The Pro IV slaughtered the standard SATA HDD in random reads where it’s six times faster and in random writes where its over three times faster. When tested moving larger files (2-10MB and 20-100MB) the SSD more than doubles the performance of the HDD.
So there you have it, the Runcore Pro IV delivers up to 6x more performance over a standard HDD. If you’re a professional that uses your notebook for 8+ hours a day to earn a living you really can’t afford not to have a Runcore SSD."
Numbers freaks should check out Jason's post above, but the words in bold here tell most what you need to know: The current crop of SSD drives are running circles around the average hard drive - and can and will dramatically increase your productivity.