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Apple SSD Upgrades - The Only Drives To Buy In Mid 2009

This chart - Lifted from - pretty much says it all: As of Mid 2009 the truly decent SATA interface SSD's worth buying -- and that give the best bang for the buck can be simplified down to a handful:

The best value lies in these few drives: An OCZ Agility, A Super Talent UltraDrive ME or GX, The Patriot Torqx or Warp V3 Series, and an OCZ Vertex Family -- or perhaps a RAID 0 Apex. The rest of the chart was cropped out - It just wasn't worth bothering with - although Intel's X-25M and E drives probably should have been in the original list. Intel's drives are consistent top performers in nearly and SSD benchmark.

Other OCZ Vertex drive variants and Firmware Revs shown below matter only to the incremental Tweaky-Geeks who live by a stop-watch or have bleeding-edge wallets. The designs, controller chips, the flash memory chips used - are all leveling out to a basic commodity used in most of the drives these days. Any of the handful of SSD's above will deliver GREAT performance far, far exceeding your Macs original SATA hard drive.

Best SATA SSD Drives For Apple Computers