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Mini Mac SSD Backup Drives : USB 3.0 mSATA SSD Pocket Drive

The shrinking and changing form-factor of SSD drives - both internal and external keeps advancing. Small, cracker size mSATA SSD modules have been popular in low-cost PC netbook and notebooks for several years, but never used by Apple in their MacBook Air, Pro or Mac mini desktop systems.

These solid-state drives on a card are somewhat like the insides of a conventional 2.5" laptop SSD drive - without the surrounding plastic casing. They also have a pin-edge connector like a tiny PCI card. These readily available off the shelf modules are now being placed in equally tiny drive enclosures for use as backup drives. Several manufacturers have now started shipping mini mSATA USB 3.0 external "pocket" drives.

USB 3.0 Pocket Drive

64-128-256 GB Sizes

You can even build your own mSATA SSD external backup drive with a low-cost USB 3.0 enclosure and pair it with the mSATA solid-state drive module of your choosing from Kingston, Crucial, Samsung, or others. Use Apple's Drive Utility to reformat it for Mac OSX and you've got a great portable Mac SSD drive a fraction of the size of most that's easier to travel with.

MyDigitalSSD mSATA Enclosure

USB 3.0 Case + Cable

Sure, a USB Thumb Drive might be even smaller. But they don't have anywhere near the sophisticated drive controller chips and Read / Write speeds that an mSATA drive has to offer.