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OCZ Vertex - Apex - Solid SSD Performance Chart

Here's a CLEAR-CUT chart direct from OCZ's website breaking down performance, controller chipset, and sizes of their 3 main SSD products. The only thing missing on this graph might be to note the value end Solid Series SSD includes a Mini USB 2.0 port which can come in very handy for cloning your Mac System or externally installing OS X and restoring data before installing in your MacBook, iMac, Pro Tower or Mac mini.

Also note the Vertex is the only one with (sadly, Windows PC required) firmware upgrade jumper - and that there's no 30GB Apex model because of it'sdual JMicron controller design for an INTERNAL RAID 0 config - meaning it's basically 2 30GB banks of MLC NAND flash teamed up to provide the 60GB of capacity.